Studio Malagón is a branding and graphic design agency for those who seek deeper meanings.

We create moments of connection, bringing people to ideas, stories, and experiences that matter.

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Emergent Order
branding + web design
Webtoon Green Room
branding + event design
Picó Picante
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There’s a reason we’re here.

We partner with the generous visionaries of the world to spark people’s minds and connect their hearts. We seek out folks with ambitious ideas rooted in thoughtfulness and care.


Kimb & Dan
Creative Services

Studio Malagón is a joy to work with. They do incredible work, they’re true partners. They take the time to walk their clients through the process, involve them in the experience and truly listen to feedback. And, most importantly, they’re the kind of people you want to be in business with, smart, hard-working and kind.

We translate your vision into visuals.

What we create together is a gift to the world, an expression of your purpose. We build out your vision and discover ways to meaningfully connect with your audience.

Recent Work


The Color complex

Amplifying anti-racism through web design


mit / teaching systems lab

Becoming a more
equitable educator



Clinical intelligence

Wherever you are, we meet you there.

We personalize our design approach to your current situation. We’re deep listeners and strategic creatives, ready to adapt to your evolving needs.


Allie Collins
Marketing Manager

They’re wildly talented, incredibly thoughtful and diligent about creating beautiful work, and always patient when it comes to hitting quick deadlines and unexpected changes. I know that when I’m working with Studio Malagón on a project, I can count on getting beautiful designs that are going to elevate my brand and delight my audience.

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