Studio Malagón is a graphic design agency, specialized in communications.

Branding / Digital Design / Print Design / Illustration / Marketing

We create elegant solutions to complex challenges, from the ground up.

When we work with you, we become a part of your story, and you become a part of ours. We listen to you, adapt to your needs, and help you discover creative approaches to your goals.


Building the foundation

Let’s talk about who you are and what you’re here to do. We start by mapping out the landscape for your design needs, so we can discover creative directions that work best for you. This strategic foundation brings deep insights and clarity to help guide the creative process.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Research & Insights
Brand Consultation


Bringing the visuals to life

Now it’s time to give shape and meaning to your brand. We build out a visual system that conceptually links back to the strategy at every level — from the primary graphics to the tiniest details.

Beyond just designing a logo, we create a robust set of tools that you can use across any of your marketing. We provide the visual guidelines that outline how to use your brand assets to keep everything consistent.


Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Logo Design
Color Palette
Typography System
Pattern & Texture Library
Illustration System
Icon System


Designing the journey

This is where we build out all the points of connection for your audience to engage with your brand.

We ensure that every design asset communicates with clarity and consistency, and resonates deeply with your brand values. We treat every brand expression as a compelling invitation for your audience to explore further.


Website Design
Editorial Design
Print Collateral
Content Marketing
Social Media Design
Campaign Design
Cover & Poster Design
Event Marketing
Motion Graphics

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Consider us a part of your team.

We’re ready to respond to any new challenge you’re facing. We’ve been remote-first since 2008, so we deliver exceptional creative work from a distance.

We always scale our services and pricing for what you need right now. It’s our SML* approach: small, medium, large.

*Also our in-house nickname for Studio Malagón


Abbie Deaver
Global Director of Marketing

We’ve worked with Ernesto and Studio Malagón for several years now, and they are a critical part of our success as a marketing team. They truly do view the work as a partnership, and it’s as close to in-house design as you get without hiring a full-time designer yourself.

I felt compelled to work with Studio Malagón as Ernesto immediately proved his efficient professionalism in our first meeting. He was personable and showed his care for my mission. Through his consistent and reliable communication, I felt prioritized throughout our entire work process and it showed his dedication to making sure our end result was satisfying and something to be proud of.  


Christina Cho
Co-founder, Research
& Media Director
The Color Complex

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